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Driver Tracking


We are aware of the problem with the map, and we are working on a solution. If you click on OK, the message will go away, and the map and will display the appropriate information.


To track a driver's position, enter the truck number and private pin number.

Tractor Number:
Driver PIN Number:

We're sorry, but it's against Ozark's policy to divulge driver pin numbers.


If you are a friend or family member of one of our drivers, and would like to be able to view their current location, you must have the drivers' Tractor and PIN numbers. Ozark will not divulge driver PIN numbers to anyone. You must contact the driver for this information.

Attention Ozark Drivers: If you would like to have a PIN activated, please contact Dave Roberson at 1-800-264-4100 Ext 8450 or send an e-mail to pinrequest@ozark.com and we'll fix you right up! It only takes a minute but the request must come from the driver. Driver PINs will not be created for anyone except the driver.

Driver PINs are held confidential and can be changed anytime at the drivers request.

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